Growth in today’s market often involves cultural change. For CPS Insurance Services, that change included its address. Since 1974, CPS has evolved with the changing insurance market, offering the latest in services and support to its growing clientele. After nearly four decades, it was time to reexamine its own culture and environment.

Envisioning a new culture and space

Presented with the opportunity to move its corporate headquarters, the firm contacted Hendy to provide interior architecture. After touring the design firm’s Newport Beach office, CPS signed a contract for space planning and design development.

Finding the perfect fit starts with a vision, so Hendy utilized its signature visioning session to identify the unique aspects of the CPS culture, space requirements, and technological needs. Its formerly traditional environment with closed-in offices gave way to the concept of bright, open areas for collaboration. With greater openness, the interior plan could now pinpoint areas for close collaboration on many levels, from ad hoc meetings to formal conference rooms, and training spaces to drop-in offices for brokers.

Meeting expectations now and for the future

After test fitting five buildings, all agreed on 4400 MacArthur Boulevard in Newport Beach. The interior offered the best per-square-foot cost advantages and a superior layout, well suited to an open concept. The finished, light-filled space is both open and organized. By moving the offices off the perimeter and lowering the panels of the existing workstations, the natural light, exterior views, and companywide levels of collaboration increased. For more seclusion, strategically located huddle rooms without doors are convenient and casual, while four larger conference rooms suit closed meetings. The centrally located lunchroom serves multiple uses, from daily interaction among departments to large internal functions.

Overall, the new office focuses on employees’ efforts and results, and the beneficiaries include its clients. The new layout supports 23 percent more employees, while adding 13 percent more space. With the extra square footage, CPS now operates a virtual workplace extension, providing 24-hour drop-in offices for its affiliated brokers.

The move has taken CPS to the next generation of space, ready for several more years of growth.