Interior Architecture is the heartbeat of our business. Our core passion is understanding how people work in their environment and why an organization is successful. We explore and listen attentively to clearly understand companies’ goals, processes and their vision for the future. At Hendy, we believe that a well-designed work environment can increase business performance by improving human behavior, increasing productivity, and promoting employee engagement. We deliver business-centered work environments that inspire people and promote organizational success.

At Hendy we are committed to breaking workspace rules with sound business logic! We know that we are only successful when our clients are successful.



A well-branded environment is an emotional magnet, connecting feelings to space. Branding can energize, engage, and orient users and visitors. It has the power to influence people, create loyalty, and anchor all-important long-term memories. At Hendy, we build brand identity into the physical space. Our architects and designers employ touch points—moments of brand contact—to create dynamic, multisensory experiences that shape brand perception and differentiate a company from its competition.

At Hendy, we design branded environments that shape client success.


At Hendy, we believe in environmental and human sustainability. Our multidisciplined, integrated design process delivers sustainable solutions not only for the health and well-being of our clients but for that of future generations.

Our dedicated LEED Accredited Professionals partner with our clients in every project to educate them on smart, sustainable design options and help them choose what’s right for them.

A space designed for the wellness of its occupants is an investment toward greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved morale. Our staff of WELL Accredited Professionals is ready to incorporate health-supportive concepts into every design.

Whether your goal is to seek WELL or LEED certification for your space or you simply wish to incorporate low- or no-cost sustainable amenities where your budget allows, Hendy will guide you through the design, construction, and administrative phases of your project.


Our Landlord & Developer Services help protect our clients’ substantial investments in commercial real estate properties. At Hendy, we focus our services on the client’s investment return. Our designs for building cores, amenity spaces, and common areas are tailored to each project, which helps maximize rental rates and reduce tenant turnover. Whether addressing new construction or breathing new life into an existing facility, we provide the services to prepare a building for lease and market it under the right image and budget to secure and retain tenants.

We bring over 35 years of experience, fluent understanding of new workplace trends, thorough knowledge of local codes, and intelligent design solutions to each project. At Hendy, we succeed when our clients succeed.


The workplace has transformed into a fast-paced, on-demand environment. At Hendy, our New Workplace Consulting services effectively support today’s fluid organizational demands. We analyze each client’s work environment through fresh lenses, tailoring our creative workplace solutions to sound business practice, technology, new activity work processes, and our client’s future business demands.

We design workplace environments to support a broader diversity of activities, greater collaboration, effective learning, focus, and engagement—all are connected, leveraging increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Hendy’s New Workplace Consulting solutions give our clients a powerful competitive advantage and tool to enhance their bottom line.